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Hi everyone,

Fairly new to the XC40 world. Bought a R-Design 1st edition D4 last week and love it.

However on intermittent occasions the traction control light appears and a message saying ‘DSC service required’ (or along those lines).

Scanned it with a diagnostic tool and 2 fault codes
*C004064 - Brake pedal switch
*C107593 - brake actuator component failure.

Anyone had similar issues?

Doesn’t affect how it drives and all the functions are working still (ACC, Pilot assist etc)

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Even if it doesn't seem to affect how it drives, for obvious reasons, its not a wise choice to drive a car with a potential brake problem. If you brought the car private take it to a Volvo specialist, if you brought it from a garage take it back there if you can trust them, only say that because its likely they sold it to you it with the fault-codes present?
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