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Yes, you can choose to save the battery, JimElliot. On the point of hybrid mode once the battery range is depleted, I find the mpg exceptional - did 600 miles around Wales last week, mostly slow mountain / hill roads, and no day returned worse than 44mpg, some up to 48mpg. Dual carriage way/ motorway on flattish roads in England cruising at 65 with light traffic, I frequently get over 50mpg.
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JimElliott wrote: Thu Feb 08, 2024 2:12 pm Thanks guys , appreciate the feedback,

Is there anyway to protect the EV only battery range from draining ?

for instance if you were very low in petrol , you could have the back up of 28 miles in Pure EV mode
Yes. There is a Charge Hold in the menu (swipe right) which will stop the battery from being used. You also have a charge function so you can charge the battery whilst driving however this would hammer your fuel economy so there would only be a very few occasions where you would want to use this
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