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Faults and Technical chat for the Volvo XC40
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After 4 weeks ownership of my new XC40 B4 the doors would not unlock. When eventually it does unlock by using the emergency key or just leaving it for upto an hour and a half after pressing the "open" button on the
key fob, on starting the car you get a string of yellow warning messages relating to safety equipment. These disappear after about 10 minutes. The car then locks, unlocks and drives normally but if you leave it for any length of time, say 4 hours plus, it goes into lock-down mode again. So far three attempts to rectify the problem over a two week period by re-running the software have failed to cure the problem. It has now been with the local main dealer from whom i purchased the car for 6 days! In summary I have owned the car for 7 weeks and it has been effectively un-usable for nearly 3 of them! I would welcome hearing from anyone else who has experienced a similar issue.

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