Faulty Fuel Injector - B3 2023

Faults and Technical chat for the Volvo XC40
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Post by Tom33 »

My MY23 B3 plus with Volvo Aberdeen dealer now for 2 months and no solution so far. Anyone got XC40 with B3 or B4 engine fixed or replaced or money back?

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Post by Embers »

Did anyone have this resolved by Volvo? Following four attempts the problem got progressively worse. This was after 3 sets of spark plugs and 2 oil and oil filter changes. After the last fix it went back in limp mode the next day. I've now refused to have the vehicle back.
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Post by neilgorin »

It's injectors or coil packs. The dealers think injectors, I think coil packs. My V60 (same engine and box, discussed elsewhere on this forum) has been in and out of Edinburgh like a fiddlers elbow - they intend to replace all the injectors early next month when I take it back in. It will run fine on gentle throttle until warmed up and has no issues all day long (I did 480 miles in it yesterday) once warm - but I can get it into limp mode within 2 minutes of leaving the house if I put my foot down, and it'll stutter even if I'm gentle with it until it's warm.

Oil changes don't cause or cure misfires. Plugs will but only if worn out. The coil pack tells the plug to spark. The injector squirts in the petrol. If either of those play up, it misfires.
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