What would you deem to be "reasonable" compensation?

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I bought a pre-reg XC40 MHEV at easter and had three to four months with no issues. Then all of a sudden I started to have problems on start up - over reving and shuddering. Long and short is that it went into the dealership under warranty and has now been there for the best part of 4 months.

I am hoping to get it back this week (although I have been promised as much before so am not popping any champagne corks just yet) and was told that they 'would do domething for me' by way of compensation for the extraordinarly long time it has taken them to identify and remedy the issue. To be clear, the delay has largely been due to the dealership being over stretched and not having the qualified staff to do warranty work. It kept getting put off .

I think I have been incredibly tolerant and long suffering. Given that it was a new car registered in January of this year, it clearly wasn't fit for purpose and I understand that consumer rights would have entitled me to demand a refund. However I have stuck with it. It does however insense me that the dealership has had the car almost as long as I had it before it went in and I feel I have been denied the pleasure of my new car ownership.

My idea of appropriate compensation is to perhaps be given a complimentary service plan but do you think I'm being over or under ambitious? What wouldd you settle for?

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Depends on what they gave you as a courtesy car while yours was off the road.

Same model or better, a free service or two would be a bonus.
Remember, you haven't been putting any miles on your own car.

If they gave you something significantly worse, made you keep swapping, or no courtesy car at all, I'd be pushing for a service plan and an extended warranty.
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When Volvo themselves messed up our order we finally settled on an extra 12 months on the warranty. Their initial offer was a voucher towards an "experience". It took several weeks of hassle even to get this.
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You’ve missed out on 4 months of warranty so as a minimum I’d want an extra 12 months.
I’d also want a service plan
Their excuse for not repairing the car is simply that….an excuse and isn’t good enough!
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Not (yet) lost my car for any considerable period of time, but had lots of dealer issues, including them messing up my order. I asked for a full 4 year service plan to be thrown in and settled on 50% off, which felt like a reasonable compromise.
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If a problem arises within 30-days of purchase then you have the right to a full refund. After 30-days, but within six months, your choices are limited to a fix or a like-for-like replacement. As you chose a repair the dealer has one chance to fix the fault. Any repair must be done in a reasonable time, but a reasonable time is subjective to what the fault is, and 4-months may not be considered unreasonable in today's supply issues getting parts. If the dealership does fixed the problem, and has supplied a free like-for-like courtesy car for the duration, then you don't really have any grounds for compensation. However, dealerships don't like upset customers and a gesture of goodwill may be offered as you stated, but sorry to say you are not entitled to one or compensation. If the fix doesn’t work you are then entitled to a refund. However, any usage of the car will be taken into account and the refund will be adjusted accordingly.
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As Chris John pointed out, you have lost 4 months warranty which is a valid point and because of that you should push for that extra year. Tell them you have lost confidence in the vehicle and that extra 12 months would go some way to offer piece of mind. If your request falls on deaf ears, complain with force within earshot of customers browsing in the showroom.
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Hello sorry to slightly hijack the thread
Firstly I hope you get the recompense you feel you deserve
Secondly I sound like I have a similar issue with my vehicle as you've had with yours
Car is currently in the garage being investigated
What have you been told about the problem and what was needed to cure which took 4 months
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